Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Brother-in-Law and the Banjo...

I almost hesitate to tell people what I do anymore.

I'll meet a stranger and we're exchanging pleasantries when the subject comes up.

"So what do you do in Nashville?"

Even though I certainly do work mainly as a music producer, of course every person that hears that seems to think they then need to tell me about the family member they know that is very talented.

"A music producer huh? Well our family is very musical. As a matter of fact, my brother-in-law plays the banjo like nobody's business!"

I know it is just small talk, and that they are just trying to relate and make conversation, but it's funny to see the same reaction from everyone. And tiring.

This particular exchange happened on a short vacation with my family. I was just trying to clear my head.

And it's really not that being a producer is a burden or anything. I even wonder if the burden is then on the farmer, salesman, or business person asking me what I do. The term producer is just beyond what they are prepared for. Like if I said "Oh, I'm an astronaut", or "I'm an international spy. Please don't ask me any questions."

I actually have thought about saying I am a web designer, which is true.

I could even use fireman or counselor, since those are part of what I do as a producer.

Like creative burnout, getting tired of music, and dealing with multiple personalities, this is just an occupational hazard.

Although, on the other hand, I do need a banjo player for a project coming up...

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