Monday, April 30, 2012

Left to My Own Devices

This is the first private blog in a while, although I guess all my blogs are my personal thoughts (much to many of your chagrins!).

After a crazy busy first quarter, with more artists and projects signing on every day, I decided to take my lovely wife and head south for a week of relaxation, songwriting, and general staring into the ocean abyss mindlessly.

There is nothing like the endless crashing of the waves, as you can see here from our patio, to clean out your ears from months of continuous music tracking, editing, and mixing.

It's also a time I can turn my full attentions of songwriting, thinking, and journalling, such as this blog.

I think it's important that sometimes we be left alone for whatever God has for us to hear, do, or think. That's really impossible in our regular lives. I mean we can reserve a few quiet hours in the week maybe in our devotions, but true getting away from the pressures of life means not having your work tools with you.

So I purposely only brought the following on this trip.

iPad - The device I am using now. Like a laptop it can access emails which can be a problem, but with so many projects going on I can't truly be out of touch with what's going on. But it also has eBooks I'm reading, games, and is a great device to surf and look at pictures I'm taking. It also serves as a music device for listening or songwriting.

Phone - This is almost a non-issue since coverage is so bad. Maybe it's a blessing in that respect.

PS3 - So I can win the Masters, the NBA title, or fight Darth Vader. I can also rewatch Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man 2 in preparation for the Avengers this weekend!!!! YES!!!

Binoculars - For looking out into the waves, and watching various aircraft that fly by.

iPod Shuffle. A beautiful little device that lets me sit by the ocean with my Latin/Beach mix of tunes. And do the aforementioned staring into the ocean abyss.

Korg M3 - One of my two keyboards for writing and jamming. I really want to finish an album called "Welcome to Florida" I started here a few years ago.

So far I've written one song which I will talk about in a separate post.

My wife may roll her eyes at my toys, but there she sits playing Sims on her laptop while looking out over the ocean.

I'm actually taking time to mess with and learn what many music apps, and phone apps do that can better serve clients, so it's not like it's time wasted.

But anyway, I digress...and I'm doing alot of digressing this week.

As a matter of fact, I think I'll go digress right now...

Talk to you later.


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