Monday, May 14, 2012

What If There's Another Way?

And I'm not saying there is...but what if there was a different way to do this art/music/creative thing we do.

Not a contest. Not a lottery. Not a showcase. Nothing you win by luck, skill, or chance.

But a new way, that's really the old way.

What if you were offered a chance to build your music life the way you want it, with a company you trust, a quality product that is incredible, and a promotional plan that is feasible and actually workable.

If you had that, and had to pay for it to get it, would you take it? If you owned everything afterward?

We're entering a new phase in the music world. Pretty soon, someone is going to figure this out and the music "industry" will change from only the 'special, lucky few' artists, to the every artist. Because there is an audience for every artist.

There's too much out there for there to be a new Rolling Stones. So everyone will have to be small and niche. The labels are going to get smart eventually like they did with online. They WILL come around.

When they see this other way, this way of working with everyone, there will be room for plenty at the table, and not just the winners.

We'll all win.

Have no idea what I'm talking about? Leave a comment and let's discuss.

Eric Copeland is a forward thinker and yeah, maybe wishful dreamer. But he's been working steadily for 12 years with artists and songwriters outside the crumbling walls...For more info about Eric check out


themackdiva said...

Hello Eric,
I believe you!
My belief is that Performing Artist will be like any other job like School Teacher or Secretary. It wont be Rock Star or Nothing anymore. If you make a Bank Teller's salary with your singing career, why not? Bank Tellers have lived with that salary for years so why can't a Musician? I appreciate your happy inspiration! Thanks!

JohnG Stuart said...

The only 'old' way that will work is patronage of the arts by wealthy people. Us struggling musicians would pay for it, but we don't have the resources or the time. If Bach needed a patron then how much more do we?