Monday, June 11, 2012

The Ones God Brings Me

Often times my wife inspires great blog ideas. She doesn't do it on purpose, and generally would prefer not to be the named culprit of any epiphany I have. But it happens...

And it happened today.

We watched a recent movie with Steve Martin and Jack Black where they were bird watching (sorry, "birding"). And today while we were out in the front yard, we heard a bird call and were watching it. I remarked how I could see the fun in trying to go to certain places to see birds like in the movie. 

She just shook her head and said, "Nah, I'm happy just to see the ones God brings me."

That made me think of how God brings artists and songwriters to me. As you may or may not know, besides these blogs (macro and micro), I don't do alot of "reaching out" to folks for business. I have always just put my site up, made sure people can find it, and then just waited to see who God would bring for me to work with.

It's much more fun than trying to snare artists into recording by some contest or approaching them in some way about working together. Most all my contacts come from people who found us online (search engine, social, or blogs), or were referred to us, or heard what we had done for others.

I think this is a much more honest way to work with people, especially in the kind of work we are doing. It's important that what we do is God-aligned, and spirit led. This means that I won't be right for every artist, and vice-versa. That makes growing the business hard, and I often wonder why I can't work for everyone. 

But God has the master plan, and has told me to quit trying to "fix" it and just go with HIS flow. That's a tough one to obey, because we often feel we have these talents and abilities He gave us and we could do so much...but He sometimes has to gently hold us back and remind us that His time is perfect.

My way of obeying that is to put the word out there for folks to find, and see if it feels right to them. If they feel that Creative Soul is right for them and their ministries, then we can start down roads together.

So that's why I don't go "birding" for artists, and never will. I prefer to stay right here in my own yard, and wait to see the ones God brings me.

Hope you have a great week!

Eric Copeland is not an avid birdwatcher, and does not support the Bird Watchers of America Guild or any such group. He does play Angry Birds however, gets birdies often in Tiger Woods golf, and likes "Fly Like an Eagle" by Steve Miller Band. 

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Anonymous said...

So glad Drew flew into your yard. I always knew he was a bird!

Patty Felker said...

Your article made me smile :) I operate on the same premise. But, sometimes, I like to shake the bushes a little to see what flies out!

Anonymous said...

Glad I fluttered by, too. Although, I think I heard a little call! ;)